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By April 1, 2020 No Comments
I find it interesting that with the recent stock market crash, you don’t hear from stuffy money managers talking about how much they “hate” annuities. Why?
Well, while they sit back and collect hefty fees on their clients’ plummeting accounts, nearly $400 Million of our Saver clients’ money invested in annuities, has not lost a penny due to this market crash. What’s too hate about that? Nothing!
Moral of the story: if you’re a Saver and “hate” the fact of losing your money in the stock market, maybe now is a good time to revisit our WorryFree Split-IRA Concept℠,
which includes the flexibility of having some of your money in the market at super low fees as well as the backstop of protection that fixed annuities provide.
Now is the time to learn more about these wonderful products and how You can get your own personalized retirement GamePlan. If you’re ready to worry less about your money and retirement, order a copy of my latest bestselling book, Live Well, Die Broke. If you’d like to talk, we can do so by phone or video conference.
Also – A reminder that we will host Live Q&A with Tony on Tuesday April 7th and April 14th. Register below and submit your questions!
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