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Are You In Control?

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Far too many Savers fall victim to the Guilt Trip Gospel.

This mysterious phenomenon is when the “Financial World”, your co-workers, your friends or even your own family feel like they should let you know how to use your own money. More often, they chime in on how you SHOULDN’T use your own money… making you feel guilty for even entertaining the thought of doing something you’d love to do.

The Guilt Trip Gospel is very effective in convincing you to feel bad about using and enjoying your hard-earned savings – typically armed with the response, “What if!?”

What if the stock market tanks? What if inflation keeps getting worse? What if you go into a nursing home? What if there is another Pandemic…?

However, in his latest book, Live Well, Die Broke, Tony shares his experience from meeting with over 15,000 Savers. Seen time and time again, many Savers wait to spend their money until it’s too late.

Why not take the time to go through the WorryFree Retirement® Process and see how Tony and his team are dedicated in helping you use and enjoy your money without the fear of running out? With a written, personalized GamePlan – like the more than 4,000 prepared by Tony Walker Financial for Savers like you – you take back control over your money and do the things you’d love to do without feeling guilty or living in fear of running out of it!

With the assistance of Tony Walker, our three additional full-time fiduciaries and team of service specialists, we’ll take you through our proprietary process in 5 steps:


Clarify Your Vision

Before beginning any journey, it’s best to know where you’re going and what to expect along the way. Our first step of the process is unique because it’s all about you and your vision of retirement.
Together, we’ll clarify where you want to go. We’ll help identify your personal strengths and opportunities and consider potential dangers and threats to your financial journey. A personalized written outline summarizing your unique vision will be mailed to you for review at no cost or obligation.

Assess Your Situation

A trusted doctor would never give a medical diagnosis without first looking you over. When it comes to your financial diagnosis, neither will Tony! At “The Assessment” meeting, we will review your personal financial information. We’ll help organize your finances so that potential issues or concerns can be addressed and corrected. A brief written assessment of any findings and recommendations will be provided to you at no cost.

Create a GamePlan

The WorryFree Retirement® is based on commitment and trust. In order to work together, we must create, confirm and commit to a GamePlan. We will never pressure you to buy anything from us, nor will we ever suggest you move forward with our recommendations unless you completely understand them.

Implement Your GamePlan

Reaching any goal requires action. With implementation of your personal GamePlan, you will have a safe, easy to follow path format reaching your retirement goals. This written GamePlan will be self-contained in a highly organized binder that clearly communicates your hopes and dreams.

Monitor Your Progress

There’s only one guarantee in life: nothing stays the same! Because change is inevitable, we provide one-on-one consultation with you at no cost, whenever you need it. When you’ve got a question, we’ll be here for you. That’s what trust and commitment are all about. The WorryFree Retirement® Process anticipates change and values the idea of monitoring your progress along the way. Our time together also gives us a chance to explore new ideas and possibilities as well.

Let’s Get Started

If you feel as if you’re lacking a GamePlan and control of your money, we invite you to meet with Tony or set up a FREE 10-Minute Fiduciary Phone call. There’s never any cost or obligation to meet with us.

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