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The Many C’s To A WorryFree Retirement®!

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As a reminder, the Six C’s to a WorryFree Retirement® are: Clarify, Consider, Concession, Create, Control and Confidence!

Focusing on the next two C’s for this blog, we’ll address Concession and the need to Create!


Defined as the act of giving up something or doing something in order to reach an agreement.

There is no ‘Magic Bullet’ in saving for retirement. It takes hard work and dedication to put enough money away to live comfortably in your golden years, but there’s a healthy balance between socking all your money away into your 401(k) and using and enjoying your money while you still can. Not all concessions are measured by dollar signs; however, what about the time you would rather spend with your family instead of picking up some extra shifts over the holidays? Our Saver clients never seem to regret the time they took off for that.

When making the sacrifices you need to make to enjoy your life while also preparing for the future, consider these questions:



What do you REALLY want to do with your money?

a. Is there a plan for the target amount you are hoping to save?

What do you want for the rest of your life?

a. Without your career, what will you do to find purpose or motivation?

Are you confident in who is helping you in retirement?

a. Is your financial advisor a fiduciary? Are they seeming to work in your best interest or theirs?

What concessions do you need to get what you want?

a. Is your current plan in line with the answers to the previous three questions? What might you need to change or how much more do you need to Save – if any – to accomplish your answers to #1 and #2?


If none of the other C’s stick, the one piece of advice you need to know is: You HAVE to have a written GamePlan for retirement to provide a guide for your assets and spending throughout the rest of your life. The biggest fear of retirees is running out of money and the ONLY way to address that is with a plan to not run out of it!

Far too often, we meet with Savers that come in with financial products that advisors have sold them without any real plan for using them.

  • For example: A Saver committed to a long-term annuity because it was safe, but they were never given enough information on how they’ll eventually need income from it.
  • OR, someone might’ve put a lot of money into a growth mutual fund because of a great track record their advisor showed them, but they’re losing sleep at night because their risk tolerance is far out of line from this investment.

Find a retirement planning specialist that understands your goals and the concessions you’ve made to get to where you are, but also has the ability to put a GamePlan in place to show you how to use and enjoy your money without the fear of running out of it!

Consider meeting with Tony Walker Financial today to better understand the options you have in retirement.


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