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The Difference Between Being In Charge and In Control!

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There are few things worse than the feeling of being “out-of-control” – especially when it comes to your financial future! The list of uncertainties seems to keep growing. Skyrocketing inflation, future tax rates, running out of money, the next stock market crash…all add up to worry.

However, there is a way to limit worry in retirement… taking back control of the things you CAN control.

Are you a ‘control freak’? That’s the question Savers have to ask themselves. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed ‘control freak’, you have to admit that you like when things go according to plan as best they can, right?

If that is the case, you are in the right place! Recently on the show, Tony discussed the difference between being in control of your money vs. in charge of your money. You may need help deciding on how to select investments by putting an advisor in charge; but when that advisor or investment starts limiting the amount of control you have, the worry sets in. Day after day, Savers contact Tony Walker Financial to express how out of control they feel when it comes to their finances.

Over this past year, Tony met with over 1,225 Savers and the vast majority of them were seeking more control and flexibility of their money. The best first step is to identify what variables you CAN control:




Decide how safe YOU want to play it.

- The less you leave to the uncertainty of the stock market, the more in control you will feel.

Determine your Risk Tolerance.

- Assuming that you are wanting to put some of your money at risk, you must determine what percentage that you feel comfortable putting at risk!
- Not sure what your tolerance to risk is? We can help!

Work with a Fiduciary.

- If you are not sure if you are working with a fiduciary, ask your advisor to provide a Form ADV Part 2B. If they do not have one of these, they are not a fiduciary and they are not required to look out for YOUR best interest. They may be a decent advisor, but their employer (a large financial institution) is calling the shots.
- At Tony Walker Financial, there are 3 other paid fiduciaries that are looking out for you!

Written GamePlan®.

- Take control of your situation by asking for a written GamePlan® BEFORE you invest.

At Tony Walker Financial, we find it crucial to have a process in place to make sure that you are in control of your money. The WorryFree Retirement® Process ensures that you have the opportunities to ask questions and become comfortable with your future. Our goal is to help you retire WorryFree!

These GamePlans® are important because if anything changes in your retirement, we can easily tweak these plans to better fit the shift in your future. There are many uncertainties in life; your financial future should not be one of them!

Click the button below as Tony explains the difference between being in charge of your money and being in control of it. . .




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