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The Purpose for Growth

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Have you ever started working with a financial advisor, but once you sign on the dotted line, they can’t seem to find the time to meet with you? Dinner seminars and fancy sales pitches are a dime a dozen in the ‘Financial World’, but most firms are building up advisors for MORE sales – WITHOUT the service staff required to keep helping clients AFTER THE SALE.

At Tony Walker Financial, our purpose for growth is so we can help as many Savers as we can have a WorryFree Retirement® – which means a lot of service AFTER THE SALE.

Let’s take a moment to compare the differences between other financial companies and Tony Walker Financial.


Advisor vs. Tony


Purpose for Growth – Building a Firm to Sell vs. Building a Firm to Help as Many Savers as Possible:

• Other advisors seek growth for their bottom line in order to look more attractive to be purchased by even larger investment companies.
• Tony’s purpose is to take his knowledge and experience of helping Savers, train specialized service staff and salaried fiduciaries to help oversee the WorryFree Retirement Process® and continue to serve clients while also onboarding new prospective clients!

Marketing – Dinner Seminar vs. Educational Materials/Opportunities

• There is a reason so many advisors host dinner seminars… they work! Advisors fork over (pun intended) good money to host 30-50 folks to a fancy dinner. They put on a good show and explain some financial products that Savers could purchase. Tony starts by feeding you all the free financial education you can take! This way, people can see what he does and the people that he targets, Savers.

New Hires – Advisor vs. Staff

• Tony specifically hires dedicated service staff and salaried advisors to ensure that Savers know that their best interest is the priority. It is not about bringing new advisors aboard to sell you the next, new bill of goods… it is about helping you better understand what you’ve already got.

More Clients – Sell it vs. Help as many people as he can.

• Other advisors strive for more clients because the more clients they have the more they can sell the company for.
• Tony strives for more clients because his mission is to help more Savers worry less about money®!

Unfortunately, the reality is the more growth a company has, the LESS service you will receive. You can believe that is not the case for Tony Walker Financial. Click the button below to hear Tony share why we have your best interest at heart!



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