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It is safe to say when it comes to retirement planning and money – Savers want to feel both confident and in control.

But it seems with more time passing by, rising inflation is fueling low economic confidence. Since Americans seem to be less confident about the economic climate these days, we’ve created a list of things to help Savers control what they can with their money, so they can build confidence in their future!

5 things Savers can do today so that they can feel more confident tomorrow:



Stop Chasing Returns

- FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has led many Savers astray. Sometimes many of you are tempted to chase these high-flying stock market returns that you forget how quickly those gains can turn to losses.

Consider Fixed/Indexed Annuities

- These can either be fixed interest annuities or fixed indexed annuities. With these products, you can mitigate risk on your money by avoiding both stock market risk AND interest rate risk (the big culprit for Savers year-to-date in 2022).

Think and Act like Granddad

- You may be asking “How did Granddad think? “He did not go out to eat all the time to these fancy restaurants. He would also not be drinking those $5 coffee drinks every day! This means to be practical with your spending and cut back on spending money on things that are just too expensive on a daily basis.

Gamble Responsibly

- If you have to gamble (invest) within your 401(k)… At least gamble responsibly! If you are retired or retiring soon and exposing too much of your 401(k) in equities (stocks), this is just not a smart decision! Here at Tony Walker Financial, we can help you determine the right risk tolerance so you can live The WorryFree Retirement®.

Consider Another Line of Work

- Many people retired early due to the pandemic, but the numbers are showing that millions of these folks are returning to work. There are many clients of ours that are refocusing on things they are passionate about or even starting their own businesses.

To hear a story of clients who have picked up some work during retirement and to hear the last two points on remaining confident so that you can gain more control, click the link below and watch the full episode today!



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