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There Are No Stupid Questions?

By June 28, 2022 No Comments

Watch the video below to hear insight from Tony, Trey and Wes!



This week’s show theme is: “There are no stupid questions.”

Over the years, Tony has hosted countless workshops and he always welcomed Q&A. The only rule for Q&A was to ensure Savers knew – THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!

At Tony Walker Financial, we have three salaried fiduciaries, trained in the WorryFree Retirement Process®. Tony has made it his goal to look out for the best interest of the Saver. In doing this, he’s built a team of Retirement Planning Specialists to answer any and all questions that come up along the way!

Now, let’s get into some of the questions that Tony, Trey and Wes addressed on this show:


Q: What happens after I decide to rollover my 401(k) to Tony Walker Financial?

A: This is something that we do often at Tony Walker Financial. It is called the onboarding process. Trey (Louisville Fiduciary) communicates this process to those folks in the Louisville area that decide to work with us. We spring into action in establishing the ‘new’ accounts needed for the client. We will assist from start to finish in getting the money rolled over into where it belongs ensuring no unnecessary costs, penalties or taxes take place along the way.

Q: Can me and my spouse and I combine our 401(k) plans together in a joint name?

A: The simple answer to this is, no. Your 401(k) is yours. Your 410(k) is tracked to YOUR social security number. This means they have to stay separate when they rollover into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

These are just a couple of the questions that were answered on this week’s show. Click this link below to view the entire episode!


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