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OPM – Other People’s Money!

By August 2, 2022 No Comments

The most important thing in the Financial World is… OPM!



First, let’s start by defining OPM – Other People’s Money.

The Financial World depends on Other People’s Money to live and make more money. Unfortunately, some financial institutions are much happier taking someone’s money than returning it to them. This is something we see happen to Savers on a weekly basis. As we help them move accounts over to our management, the advisors and custodians act a little bit more like the money belongs to them than the Saver.

Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to hear from Lisa Potter in our Bowling Green office. She works in our Investment Services Department. She has a bird’s eye view of how we love to give our clients’ money back to them to use and enjoy!

Another one of Lisa’s responsibilities in the client onboarding process is completing 401(k) rollover calls. These can be difficult calls, but with trained staff like Lisa, we are able to set the client at ease and help ensure the money ends up where they want it to. It is important that the client switching the funds over is fully aware of the plan set in place. That way, if the previous advisor questions them or even gives them a hard time, the client is fully educated on why they’ve made the decision to switch.

Watch the video above to see the numbers that Lisa handles and why having her on your side is important!


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